Continuing Bridges Patients


Every 6 months you are required to go through a recertification process to show that you still qualify to be a Bridges to Health patient. Your recertification is what enables you to keep your patient status ACTIVE.

Without successful completion of your recertification (i.e. bringing in ALL required documentation to your scheduled recertification appointment), your patient status will go to INACTIVE and you will not be given a new Bridges ID card.

You are responsible for making an appointment for your recertification prior to your card expiring (we recommend making your appointment one month before your card expires). Call us (765) 662-7289 or stop by to make your recertification appointment. You must bring all required documents listed below to your appointment (please do not assume they are in your chart).

NOTE: The recertification is your responsibility. If you do not bring in all documents, your patient status will go inactive, your appointments will be canceled and you will not be able to receive medications from Bridges.

Documents Needed for Recertification Appointment:


  • DRIVER’S LICENSE (Current Indiana Driver’s license or Indiana State Picture I.D.)

Grant County Residency:

  • MAIL/PROOF OF ADDRESS (A current utility bill, mailed statement or other piece of legitimate mail showing your name and address and dated within the last 30 days. Must be typed and should have been delivered by the post office; PO Box addresses not accepted.)

Proof of Income:

(Income documents needed for spouse (if married) and all dependents over age 18 in household)

  • TAXES (Prior year’s Federal Income Tax 1040 Forms with attached schedules - NOT W2s)
  • PAY STUBS (Most current month’s worth of pay stubs)
  • AWARD LETTERS/ANY OTHER SOURCE OF INCOME (All current year’s Award Letters from Social Security, SSDI, SSI, Unemployment Compensation/Workman’s Comp, Child Support, Pension/Retirement, TANF, etc.)

If you are unemployed or don't have paystubs for any reason (including if you are living on Social Security or retirement benefits) you will need to also bring:

  • WAGE VERIFICATION from Bridges to Health NOTE: If spouse or any dependent adult children (over 18) have no income—they each will need a Work One Wage Verification (even if the person is disabled)
  • LETTER OF SUPPORT from the person providing you with room and board or financial help (Sample “Letter of Support” provided in application packet or you may use your own)

Additional Documentation:

If you were recently terminated or lost health insurance, you need to provide a letter from the insurance company (or Medicaid) stating that you are no longer covered.

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Bridges to Health is a primary care clinic. In addition to treating patients at our facility, BTH also works with physician and dental offices in the community referring patients to specialists as needed.

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