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Bridges to Health

Bridges to Health dental services are for our medical patients only.  If you do not have medical insurance or access to medical care (including HIP, Medicaid, Medicare, or medical benefits through the VA), you may apply to be a Bridges patient (see "Patient Guidelines & Application" tab).  Once you are a Bridges patient, you can access our dental services.

We have 1-2 dental clinics per month, usually on Tuesday evenings.  Call us at #765.662.7289 for the next Dental Clinic dates.  Patients with emergent dental situations (abscess, infections, etc.) should call our offices right away so we can get you in to see a medical provider to start you on an antibiotic.


Dental Clinics use the following format:

  1. Dental Clinics are 1-2 nights per month (call for dates #765-662-7289) for Bridges to Health patients with an ACTIVE Bridges card.
  2. We will hold a lottery drawing for those present at 4:45pm and randomly select 5 patients for screening/treatment the same night.
  3. The 5 patients selected will go through registrationdental educationdental screening, and (if time permits) will have initial work completed.
  4. Patients will be allowed a maximum of 2 appointments every two years via the lottery system.
  5. After your appointment, you may request a Dental Treatment Plan (remaining work that needs to be completed) to take to your own outside dentist for continued treatment (at your own cost).
  6. Patients with abscesses (infections) or other emergent situations as identified through our medical side prior to Open Dental Clinics will be formally referred to outside dental offices who have agreed to see Bridges patients free of charge for that emergent situation only.  If you are referred to an outside dentist and you can not make your scheduled dental appointment, you MUST call the outside dentist directly to cancel a minimum of 24 hours ahead of time.    Dental appointments are extremely limited – if you miss a dental appointment you will no longer be eligible for dental services at Bridges or the outside dentist. 

NOTE: Bridges volunteer dentists reserve the right to refuse treatment to patients who are not attempting to take care of their teeth or who are using illegal drugs to the detriment of their own oral health.  If you need a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss, let us know and we can provide one.

Because our dental services are extremely limited, we encourage you to seek dental services on your own, if possible, to get the care that you need.  See below for a list of affordable dental options in our area.


Discounted Dental Options - Call Directly to Schedule:

Dr. Evanseck - Marion, IN

1007 N. Western


*Discounts for Active Bridges Patients                                   

Must pay at the time of service

Indiana Health Center at Kokomo Dental Clinic            

#765-864-4160  (x3, then x2)                                    

3118 S. LaFountain St., Kokomo, IN 46902              

Must pay at the time of service               

Open Door Dental Clinic – Muncie

#765-286-7000 (x4022)

333 S. Madison St., Muncie IN 47305

Must pay at the time of service




Thank you Delta Dental for providing a grant that helped in 2014 with new hand pieces and surgical equipment for our dental clinic!


Thank you to the ADA Foundation for awarding Bridges to Health a dental grant to help with our expenses for the 2015 program year!  Funding provided in part by a grant from the ADA Foundation.